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It is the role of Pitta that controls transformation in the mind and body, metabolism and heat. It governs distinguishing between right and wrong, metabolizing the sensory perceptions and food digestion. Ayurveda is an ultimate solution that helps the body flush out toxins that may cause the disorder. In the case of excess pitta dosha; generally, a health problem arises and toxins more often than not accompany it. Common toxins are viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, drugs, pesticides, various environmental pollutants, and chemicals. Toxins are also formed in the body when we ingest foods that are of poor quality or difficult to digest.

Excess pitta can become apparent in the body as:
  • Uncomfortable heat feeling or acute inflammation in the body
  • Heartburn, peptic ulcers or gastric acid reflux
  • Diarrhea constipation or indigestion
  • Frustration, irritability, anger
  • Body odor and bad breath
  • Excessive sweating
  • Impatience, intolerance, judgmental
  • Extreme perfectionist tendency

Years of successful clinical practice and skill of curing patients by unique Ayurvedic theory is the result of the new period in the field of Ayurvedic.

At GuruPrasadam, we have made constant and best efforts to upgrade our performance through our esteemed patrons’ advice and support. We all look forward to sincere support to make an evolution to become the best herbal medicine provider in the field of Ayurvedic concept. Anti Allergic tablets being one of our best range of products has made us gain glory among our clientele, not only in the nearby zone but also worldwide. It is formulated from a completely herbal and ayurvedic phenomenon that has helped several critical patients suffering from pitta dosh.

Dosage: 1 to 2 tablets twice in a day after 40 to 60 min of the meal with water or milk.

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