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Guruprasadam Actions & Benefits

Welcome to our AbhimantritGuruPrasadam Ayurveda Herbal Foods Pvt. Ltd.,

Guru Prasadam Company is dedicated to provide the natural and effective Ayurveda remedies

For a variety of health concern. We believe in recalling of the concept of ancient system of medicine that originated in India over 5000 years ago.

Our products are made from the highest quality of natural ingredients based on organic cultivation, carefully selected and formulated to provide effective solutions for a range of health concerns.

We truly focus to implement our Ayurveda studies on our products; benefiting the customers in maintaining their health, supporting them in all stages of their life.

“Healthy Mind & Body leads to a Healthy Society”! Is our vision for which Guru Prasadam has been established since 1980’s and decided to take a form of small scale business in 1990’s leading to a large scale in 2020’s., moving forward with the strong pace of curing various disease till now.

Our firm has cured various cases for the people with lost health related hope, rejuvenating them to live a healthy and fear free life. Just like the right key places in the correct lock, Guru Prasadam products are likewise the same key for the people to get cure from their disease, unlocking the fearful and stress full life ;opening the door of peace, contentment and healthy lifestyle. 

We carry products that are suitable for all age’s people, the products that are consumed by our body in an organic way, resulting the growth and betterment of a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is related to indigestion, weak immune system, and overburden stressed lifestyle; our products are grown considering all these aspects; under the guidance of  expertise  and well qualified Ayurvedic practitioners.

Our team of Ayurvedic practitioners is dedicated to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals through personalized consultations and expert advice. .We are passionate about the power of Ayurveda and are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with our customers.

Our vision to establish Guru Prasadam firm is not just to earn, but to establish a business to obtain the healthy society as well.

Join us on a journey to optimal health and wellness with our Company. Experience the power of natural remedies and discover the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine for yourself.






“I have always been the advocate of the Spiritual tradition of this natural plants and mineral based system,” said Sant Trilochan Darshan Das Ji.

Every day he saw so many people suffer all around. First with disease and then with the side effects of the medicines taken by them. It has always been the dream of Sant Trilochan Das Ji to bring trusted and tested old-age remedies from Ayurveda and to turn them into medicines and formulations of today’s age by integrating the newest scientific methodologies and techniques.

Products of GuruPrasadam are made with the purest herbs and ingredients, act faster than traditional herbal medicines, have no side-effects and my mission is to keep them affordable for the general public.

You Can find the products for cancer prevention, high blood pressure control, Liver cure, Menstrual abnormalities, proper functioning of Kidney and Renal system / Urinary tract, Health & Immunity Capsules, Aloe Vera & Neem Face Wash, Cholesterol Balance Capsules, Stone(helps to cure gall bladder stone, cholelithiasis, and cholecystitis) and many more.

“GURUPRASADAM” has started a “Wellness Revolution” for humanity and after benefitting of people in India, Canada, USA, UK, and many others countries, it is making its path to success globally now. Please try the products, recommend them to others in need and enjoy the optimum Health, blessings to all.

Benefits Of Guruprasadam Ayurvedic Products

Almost all health problems stem from one or all of these disordered processes. The combination of herbs in Guru Prasadam re-balances the processes. Bodily purification, via detoxification, begins from day one. The healing herbs in Guru Prasadam start correcting the dysfunctions that were built up over time due to an imbalanced lifestyle, including bad diet and stress. Healing is stimulated in the very first dose. With repeated consumption of Guru Prasadam, the body is better able to fight against all health issues, big and small. The immune system, as well as the other systems of the body, function better, yielding many health benefits.

Why Are We Doing This

It’s time to take the control back! We wish to grant you to take charge of your own wellbeing and health. Through our good fortune and own experiences, we have learned that the knowledge of ancient Ayurveda holds the solution to better life and we’d want to share them with you.

Our Vision

We believe that ancient Ayurveda’s wealth of knowledge help rejuvenate public health. To meet the objective of providing wide access to Ayurveda, we are highly focused on the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and modern technology to improve user experience. If you are a physician or consumer, www.guruprasadam.com provides you a platform with access to natural lifestyle ecosystem and comprehensive Ayurveda.

How We Started

Guru Prasadam, a one of its kind model in the world, was established in May 2017 by Sant Shri Trilochan Das, a visionary and idealist human being whose aim is to serve humanity. The main motive behind the inception of Guru Prasadam is to universally promote the message of authentic Ayurveda. Ever since the inception, making pure and herbal Ayurvedic products based upon the authentic prescriptions has been an exclusive purpose of the brand.

Today, Guru Prasadam’s fine quality, well packaged products are globally sold and used by some of the world’s leading spas and hotels. Our gamut of products has received widespread recognition and exposure in various global and Indian markets, comprising India, Canada, USA, UK among other countries.


Our mission is to grant power to everyone at any stage or age in their fitness journey with the tools and information that helps them in making better choices – just a small better option can encourage and improve the likelihood to truly prosper. Besides, provide pure and herbal products that are of best enough quality so that you recommend to your loved ones and all the health coaches recommend their clients, and for us as well, to be proud of!

Our Values

Guru Prasadam Ayurveda is Real

We deliver authentic Ayurvedic products by using balanced, time-tested and original prescriptions. Nevertheless many brands use Ayurvedic ingredients; Guru Prasadam formulates complete natural remedy.

Guru Prasadam Ayurveda is Pure

Our gamut of products is 100% pure, herbal and use highest quality of natural ingredients. It means no artificial fragrance, no artificial colors, no parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, urea or unsafe additives. Our entire product range is internationally certified.

Guru Prasadam Ayurveda is True

Our earnest and diligent team at Guru Prasadam ensures strict quality control, test the product line with effectiveness and with the aid of highest standards of research and development, we follow and expand ancient Ayurvedic remedies.

Guru Prasadam Ayurveda is Kind

Our global standard products are not tested on animals.

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